Envision Franklin

116 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Process and Outreach INFILL WORKING GROUP In September 2014, the Planning and Sustainability Department invited individuals from the Planning Commission, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, the Historic Zoning Commission, the Sustainability Commission, and the design community to participate on an Infill Working Group. Since its formation, the group has reviewed current City policies, explored peer cities’ infill policies and developments, and offered recommendations for fostering desirable infill development. The Infill Working Group consisted of Brant Bousquet, Pearl Bransford, Mike Hathaway, Ben Johnson, Dwight Kiser, Dan Klatt, Roger Lindsey, Margaret Martin, Alma McLemore, Mary Pearce, Ann Petersen, Kate Reynolds, Doug Sharp, Cyril Stewart, Gary Vogrin, and Karina Young. The City’s Infill Working Group was consulted to provide specific feedback on key issues in Downtown Franklin and surrounding neighborhoods. The group completed a character mapping exercise for locations with established character and areas expected to transition in character. These maps and the group’s recommendations for land use and site design directly influenced the Design Concept Map and some special considerations regarding infill development. The Infill Study maps are located in Appendix E. DRAFT ENVISION FRANKLIN COMMUNITY OUTREACH In September 2016, the City held two public open houses to present the initial draft Plan. More than 200 attendees walked through the stations and interacted with city staff and the consultant. Over 80 comment cards were received, covering a range of input and feedback. In addition to the open houses, city staff gave presentations at FrankTalks, Downtown Franklin Association, Franklin Tomorrow Board of Directors, Chamber Real Estate Round Table, Design Professionals Meeting, Franklin Rotary Breakfast Meeting, and held booths at the October 2016 Franklin Tomorrow Breakfast with the Mayors and the Williamson Inc. Chamber Luncheon.