Envision Franklin

Appendix | ENVISION FRANKLIN 125 FIGURE A.5: FAR AND SQUARE FOOTAGE PER EMPLOYEE BY LAND USE Land Use FAR* SQ FT Per Employee* Industrial 0.22 498 Office 0.35 350 Retail 0.26 671 Mixed Non Residential 0.21 481 Restaurant n/a 459 Healthcare n/a 469 Public Order and Safety 0.10 686 Religious Worship n/a 2,059 Community College*** n/a 969 Hotel n/a 0.9** *Based on the Planner’s Estimating Guide: Projecting Land-Use and Facility Needs by Arthur Nelson (APA Planners Press, 2004) ** Employees per room, ITE Trip Generation Manual, 9th Ed. ***Community College projection is based on reported 6,000 student enrollment at full build-out, 100 GSF per student (Society for College and University Planning), and 969 GSF per employee FIGURE A.6: FUTURE LAND USE BY ZONING Zoning District Land Use General Office Office Central Commercial Office or Retail* Neighborhood Commercial Office or Retail* General Commercial Office or Retail* Light Industrial Mixed Non Residential * Based on surrounding use, context, development feasibility, access and visibility APPENDIX A