Envision Franklin

Appendix | ENVISION FRANKLIN 127 APPENDIX B BERRYS CHAPEL DEMOGRAPHICS/ GENERAL INFORMATION The Berrys Chapel Character Area comprises approximately 3,534 acres in the north-central portion of the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). The northern boundary of the area is the UGB, Moores Lane, and Lynnwood Way. Mack Hatcher Parkway is the southern boundary, and the Harpeth River is the primary west edge of the area. It is bound to the east by the McEwen Character Area. ENVIRONMENTAL/ GEOLOGY/TOPOGRAPHY Much of the northern portion of the Berry’s Chapel Character Area contains hillsides, and several large established stands of trees. The hillsides and tree stands are protected by the Hillside/Hillcrest Overlay District. The existing hillsides substantially limit the development in the northern portion of Berry’s Chapel. Additionally, the Harpeth River corridor runs along the western edge of the character area creating a green buffer along this edge. TRANSPORTATION/ACCESS Berry’s Chapel contains three primary corridors: Hillsboro Road, Franklin Road, and Mack Hatcher Parkway. Hillsboro Road bisects the western portion of Berry’s Chapel and is currently a four lane divided cross section. Hillsboro Road does provide an on-street bicycle lane, as well as a sidewalk or multi-use path, which provides residents with multimodal access to commercial and institutional uses along the corridor including the Williamson County Recreation Center. Franklin Road is a rural, two lane cross section that bisects the area’s eastern portion. To accommodate an increase in vehicular traffic, Franklin Road was recommended in the 2010 City of Franklin Major Thoroughfare Plan to be widened to three lanes. Hillsboro and Franklin Roads both provide access to Nashville and serve as transportation gateways into the City. The scenic views and aesthetic design treatments that include wood plank fencing and fieldstone walls provide a unique visual character along these arterial corridors. Mack Hatcher Parkway, a four lane divided roadway, forms the southern boundary of Berry’s Chapel. While the area does have access to three primary corridors, the transportation network suffers from a lack of connectivity. The existing road network in the western residential portion is not integrated which results in increased traffic volumes entering and exiting the subdivisions. The roadways in the eastern portion of Berry’s Chapel are disconnected due to steep slopes and existing development. When roadways do connect with primary corridors, many times the intersections are misaligned, causing safety concerns. LAND USE AND GROWTH The primary existing land use in the area is singlefamily residential. Much of the existing single-family residential is located in the western portion of the character area. The Fieldstone Farms subdivision showcases a more compact footprint and lot size, pedestrian sidewalks, and community green space. The subdivisions in the Berry’s Chapel area are not well connected to one another, with some portions of the area having only one direct ingress and egress point. Additional residential development is limited in the remaining Berry’s Chapel area. The steep hillsides and existing tree stands limit the development possibilities. Much of this area exists as large lot homesteads, farmsteads and estate residential. These lots, along with the rural residential uses along Berry’s Chapel Road, which are outside of the city, establish an authentic and desirable rural character. Along Franklin Road and Hillsboro Road are pockets of commercial and institutional uses. Gateway Village, at the intersection of Franklin Road and Lynnwood Way, provides a variety of housing options, retail, office spaces, and restaurants. There is an opportunity for additional development of residential or institutional uses at the intersection of Franklin Road and Mack Hatcher Parkway. Future development at Franklin Road and Mack Hatcher will need to be carefully developed to respect the rural character of the area. Existing conditions and character area patterns were compiled in the first phase of writing this Plan. The following information describes the 2015 conditions.