Envision Franklin

130 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Appendix APPENDIX B GOOSE CREEK DEMOGRAPHICS/ GENERAL INFORMATION The Goose Creek Character Area includes 5,820 acres and is located in the south-central portion of the UGB, much of it within close proximity to Interstate 65. It is bounded on the west by the McLemore and Southall Character Areas; to the north by the Harpeth River and the Carnton and Southall Character Areas; and to the south and east by the limits of the UGB. ENVIRONMENTAL/ GEOLOGY/TOPOGRAPHY Features such as the Harpeth River, Goose Creek, hills, and established stands of trees are important assets to the area and should be preserved to the greatest extent possible. TRANSPORTATION/ACCESS The Goose Creek Character Area contains four primary corridors: Interstate 65, Goose Creek Bypass, Lewisburg Pike, and Columbia Pike. The Goose Creek Area has been the subject of substantial transportation planning, both as part of overall city transportation planning, and as part of specific site planning and design. Providing adequate transportation infrastructure to keep up with growth is one of the most important public service issues facing this area. While the Goose Creek Character Area contains multiple primary corridors, there are several major capital facility needs that impact the area, including the extension of Peytonsville Road to the future extension of South Carothers Parkway, the realignment of Long Lane, and the proposed Interstate 65 crossings that will connect the eastern and western portions of the Goose Creek Character Area. All of the proposed projects will provide for additional vehicular efficiency and capacity throughout the area. A major element of the success of this area is ensuring the timing of these improvements relative to the anticipated growth. LAND USE AND GROWTH Much of the existing development is located northwest of the Interstate 65 and Goose Creek Bypass interchange. The area includes a mix of uses, some with a suburban character and some with a more traditional development pattern, and includes over 1,200 residences. There is still substantial land available for development in the area, primarily south of the Goose Creek Bypass and east of the Interstate 65 corridor. This Goose Creek Bypass interchange offers a major regional economic development opportunity for the city. Approved development plans include 3 million square feet of office and 1.8 million s.f. of retail uses. More than 1,100 new dwelling units are planned. There is additional land outside the UGB, particularly to the south and east of the current UGB limits, that is appropriate for additional commercial and office uses, given its proximity to Interstate 65. It would benefit the City to study the areas adjacent to the existing UGB to see whether expanding the boundary would be advantageous. The key southern location of the Goose Creek Area along Interstate 65 positions it as one of the principal regional gateways into the community. This location generates a significant amount of traffic that makes the area near the interchange a vital commercial location. The quality and types of business currently in this area are not viewed as the best uses for the land. Currently, the northwest and northeast corners of the interchange provide a mix of uses that include gas stations, a local hotel, and an auto body shop. A standard for higher-quality development is appropriate for this significant gateway location. Additionally, the Williamson County Agricultural Center, which hosts many events including the county fair, is located in the northwest quadrant of the interchange. Due to needs for additional land and building space, it is possible that the County may look to move the use to another site, leaving the current site available for redevelopment. The northwest, southwest, and southeast corners of the interchange include large tracts of land that are planned as part of the Berry Farms mixed-use