Envision Franklin

Appendix | ENVISION FRANKLIN 151 INFILL CHARACTER MAPPING Infill development includes any development or redevelopment of existing structures, parcels, blocks, or neighborhoods within Central Franklin, its surrounding areas, and other well-developed areas within the City. Established Areas are places where the existing character is desired to be preserved. These areas include historic neighborhoods, established neighborhoods, and certain streets within Central Franklin. The infill map (See Fig. E.1) shows potential infill opportunities within established areas. The design concept special considerations address appropriate development form and use potential. Transitional areas are places where change in neighborhood form is expected or enhancement of community character is desired. These areas may include neighborhoods, centers, and corridors with mixed uses in locations where growth and change are expected to be concentrated. Design concepts define the future character, rather than the existing character, with corresponding design guidelines. See Figure E.1 Infill - Established and Transitional Areas Map. APPENDIX E