Envision Franklin

28 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Design Concepts The Compact Residential design concept contains only the Hard Bargain and Natchez Street historic neighborhoods. These walkable neighborhoods typically consist of low-scale cottages, small building footprints, small lots, and shallow setbacks. These established characteristics of the historically significant neighborhoods should be preserved. Infill and redevelopment should be contextually compatible and composed of primarily single-family cottages, with limited new duplexes, live-work units, and accessory dwellings. Local commercial may be appropriate at some intersections to serve the residents in the area. Adaptive reuse of historic structures is recommended over teardowns for new construction. COMPACT RESIDENTIAL “INFILL AND REDEVELOPMENT SHOULD BE CONTEXTUALLY COMPATIBLE AND COMPOSED OF PRIMARILY SINGLE-FAMILY COTTAGES.” DESIGN CREDIT: BRIAN WRIGHT, TPUDC