Envision Franklin

Design Concepts | ENVISION FRANKLIN 37 SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS Franklin Road, Jasmine Grove Historic Estate in Myles Manor Limited clustered single-family infill, not exceeding four new dwellings, to preserve the historic estate and its setting, may be appropriate on the south side of Jasmine Grove, adjacent to Lancaster Drive. Infill development should reflect the form and character within Myles Manor Subdivision. Franklin Road and Mack Hatcher Parkway Franklin Road is the last rural gateway into Downtown Franklin. Setbacks should be at least150 feet along Franklin Road and Mack Hatcher Parkway in order to preserve the scenic viewshed, and parallel drives should not be located within the setback. The orientation of structures should address Mack Hatcher Parkway and Franklin Road. Commercial uses are not appropriate within this rural corridor. The Big House and Farmstead Compound concepts may be appropriate in addition to single-family residential. Under these concepts, three-story primary structures may be appropriate outside of Mack Hatcher Parkway with Development Plan approval by BOMA. The form, architecture and style of new buildings should draw from the surrounding area and from historically significant buildings. Some of the historic dwellings in the area were built in the early nineteenth century and have Federal and/or Greek Revival architecture. The height of new buildings should be no taller than those nearby historic resources. Street infrastructure improvements to Franklin Road should be context sensitive in coordination with TDOT and City Streetscape Plans. Alternative options should be taken to avoid widening Franklin Road. Streetscape improvements to Franklin Road should be rural in nature, including informal, natural landscaping and traditional rural elements. New local streets should be rural in character, with swales instead of curbs, informal street-tree plantings, and traditional rural elements, such as stone walls and wood-plank fencing. Daniel McMahon Lane should be the closest access on Franklin Road from Mack Hatcher Parkway in the southwest quadrant. Future development in the northwest quadrant of Franklin Road and Mack Hatcher Parkway Intersection should have a street network that connects to Ernest Rice Lane. Legends Club Lane should be the primary vehicular access on Franklin Road for future development in the northeast quadrant of the intersection and improvements should include a left turn lane. If the northwest quadrant develops, then access shall be coordinated to create a four way intersection with signalization, subject to TDOT approval. Access in the southeast quadrant is limited and should be further studied. Trail interconnectivity should be promoted by using current and future planned trails, together with trails along Spencer Creek and the Harpeth River. Grading that dramatically alters site vegetation and topography should be prohibited. Development should use the existing, natural topography and minimize grading to the maximum extent practicable. CONSERVATION SUBDIVISION