Envision Franklin

48 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Design Concepts USES Primary Institutional, Light Industry, Professional Office, and Research and Development Secondary Local Commercial and Recreation FORM Building Placement Buildings and their main entrances should be oriented toward the street. Buildings should have moderate front-, side-, and rear-yard setbacks. Building Character New buildings should have a clearly defined top, middle, and base and avoid monotonous facades. All sides of a building open to view by the public should display a similar level of architectural quality. Building Height Maximum of three stories. Where a new building will be adjacent to existing residential dwellings, the building height should step down near the residential area in order to ensure contextual compatibility. SITE DESIGN Landscape Landscaped yards between the building and the street and between incompatible uses; parking and service-area screening. Amenities Open space will be minimal, given the character of this area. Access Primary access should be from the street. Common or shared access points are encouraged so as to limit curb cuts along the street. Parking Surface parking should be located to the sides or rear of buildings that address the street. Surface parking areas should be lined with buildings so as to diminish the appearance of parking from public view. Limited parking between the building and the street may be appropriate. Structured parking should be screened from view and should not have a presence along the street, unless it has active ground-floor uses. Landscape and/or architectural features should diminish the appearance of parking from public view. INDUSTRIAL FLEX