Envision Franklin

Design Concepts | ENVISION FRANKLIN 59 USES Primary Big Houses, Duplexes, Single-Family Residential, and Townhouses Secondary Accessory Dwellings, Institutional, and Recreation FORM Building Placement Buildings and their main entrances should be oriented toward the street. Double frontage, reverse frontage, and flag lots are discouraged. Front-yard setbacks should be consistent along each block, but may vary between neighborhoods or between sections of neighborhoods. Side- and rear-yard setbacks of new buildings should be designed to maintain privacy for both new and existing neighboring properties. Building setbacks internal to a development may differ from the established setbacks in the area. Building Character New buildings along established streets should be designed to be compatible with the existing character along the street. A diverse mix of housing types and sizes are encouraged for new and infill developments. Dwellings within new developments should provide a mix of architectural styles and building materials that enhance the City’s character. Architecture should contain a rich blending of designs that complement each other yet not be overly repetitive. Accessory dwellings should fit in contextually to the principal dwelling. Townhouses should be designed so that each dwelling has a different appearance through varying architectural elements, building materials, or front-facade setbacks to break up long, flat facades. If designed with garages, big houses, duplexes, and townhouses should have rear-loaded garages accessed by alleys. MIXED RESIDENTIAL © OPTICOS DESIGN, INC