Envision Franklin

Design Concepts | ENVISION FRANKLIN 61 SITE DESIGN Landscape Existing features, such as hillsides and hilltops, stone walls, tree rows, and wood-plank fencing are enhancing features and should be preserved. New landscaping should be provided at neighborhood entrances and in common open spaces. Historic site features such as cemeteries, barns, accessory structures, and agriculturally related features should be preserved in their locations and context with careful site design around them to preserve the character of Franklin. Development inside Mack Hatcher Parkway: New development should have landscaping and street trees consistent with surrounding established lots. Amenities New developments should provide high-quality, shared, usable, and formal open space areas. Neighborhood amenities include common, usable open spaces, such as clubhouses, multi-use paths, playgrounds, and pools. Emphasis should be placed on quality open space as part of new developments. Residential developments should be designed around open spaces, which, in turn, should connect to adjacent open spaces or regional systems. Open space should not be designed as an afterthought based simply on land that is left over. Development inside Mack Hatcher Parkway: Institutional uses and public parks serve as active and passive recreation and meet the open-space needs in this area. Bicycle and pedestrian connections to these locations should be enhanced and improved. Access Lots should be accessed from alleys or by driveways from the street. Streets should have multiple connections in order to provide for a variety of routes. Streets should be designed for slower speeds to allow for mixing pedestrian and vehicular traffic. If there are existing street connections or stubouts adjacent to proposed developments, then those in the proposed developments should connect to the existing street network. If there are no existing street or stubout connections, then other locations should be identified in order to increase connectivity between developments. Parking Off- and on-street. Off-street parking should be limited between the buildings and the street. MIXED RESIDENTIAL