Envision Franklin

94 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Design Concepts FORM Building Height Taller structures are encouraged around the I-65 interchanges and along Carothers Parkway, north of Liberty Pike, where higher travel demands can be supported, to create an attractive urban viewshed and promote economic development. Where transportation infrastructure is sufficient and where contextually-appropriate, new building heights should maximize the efficient use of land. New one-story structures are not generally encouraged in this area. Building height should not exceed three stories on properties adjacent to single-family neighborhoods. Appearance and functionality of development at intersections is important for creating a strong sense of place. Development should be coordinated across the four corners of an intersection so that building height, massing, and form is balanced on each corner to create a cohesive sense of place. Maximum building heights near the I-65 corridor are based on proximity to the interstate, ground elevations, and distance from residential neighborhoods. See Appendix G for maximum building heights within this design concept. New development should be designed to maintain scenic views of the surrounding hills, and buildings should be subordinate to nearby hillsides and hillcrests. REGIONAL COMMERCE