Envision Franklin

96 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Design Concepts SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS Big Box Retail Big-box retail, where a single business encompasses more than 50,000 square feet in a single story, is limited to the west side of I-65 between Moores Lane and Oak Meadow Drive. Carothers Parkway between Liberty Pike and Murfreesboro Road Medical uses and supporting businesses are encouraged to remain and expand in this area. Murfreesboro Road between Mack Hatcher Parkway and Quail Hollow Circle/Rosa Helm Way This corridor includes an I-65 interchange and is an important gateway into the City. Redevelopment is anticipated and encouraged to create economically productive development while establishing a more people-friendly environment. This corridor should be further studied for future redevelopment, with an emphasis on cohesive design and access management. Seaboard Lane, Duke Drive, Mallory Station Drive, General George Patton, Nichol Mill Lane, Crossroads Blvd and connecting side streets This Plan acknowledges that the Seaboard Lane area is evolving from light industrial to a broader mix of commercial uses. While some light industrial uses are appropriate, this location has the capacity to serve the Regional Commercial, Regional Office, and surrounding residential uses. Additional multifamily housing, a mix of businesses and showrooms, and other commercial uses are encouraged. Parking may be limited on former warehouse sites and standards should be flexible to allow for adaptive reuse of buildings and new uses.