Franklin Zoning Ordinance

01 10 Chapter Legal Provisions INTRODUCTORY PROVISIONS Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 the needs of a diverse population; M. Protect the City’s natural beauty by preserving scenic corridors and viewsheds; N. Preserve and protect existing trees and vegetation, floodplains, stream corridors, water quality, wildlife habitat, hillsides, hilltops, steep slopes, and other areas of scenic and environmental significance from adverse impacts of land development; O. Enhance the visual quality of the built environment through landscape standards and planting requirements; P. Secure safety from fire, flooding along watercourses, and other hazards; Q. Provide adequate light and air; R. Encourage development of a sustainable and accessible system of recreational facilities, parks, trails, and open space that meets year-round neighborhood and community-wide needs; and S. Ensure greater public safety, health, and welfare, and convenience and accessibility through the physical design and location of land use and development. 1.1.7 Minimum Requirements The requirements of this Ordinance are considered the minimum requirements for the promotion of the public health, safety, and general welfare of the City. All development or redevelopment shall occur in accordance with the regulations in this Ordinance. No land, lot, building, structure, development, improvement, establishment, facility, or premises shall be used or developed for any purpose or in any manner other than in compliance with this Ordinance. 1.1.8 Relationship to Other Provisions If any provisions of this Ordinance are inconsistent with similar provisions of any other City, State, or Federal regulation, law, statute, or ordinance, the more restrictive provision shall control, to the extent permitted by law. 1.1.9 Conflicting Provisions In cases where two or more standards within this Ordinance conflict with one another, the more restrictive standard shall be controlling, unless one of the provisions in conflict expressly states that it shall apply, control, or take precedence. 1.1.10 Conflicts with Private Agreements This Ordinance is not intended to modify, revoke, or repeal any easement, covenant, or other private agreement; however, where the regulations of this Ordinance are more restrictive, the requirements of this Ordinance shall be controlling. The City does not enforce the provisions of easements, covenants, or agreements between private or third parties. 1.1.11 Review of Public Improvements Whenever the Franklin Municipal Planning Commission (FMPC) has adopted a plan of the municipality (for example, Connect Franklin or the Master Parks Plan) or any part thereof, then and thenceforth no street, park or other public way, ground, place or space, no public building or structure, or no public utility, whether publicly or privately owned, shall be constructed or authorized in the City until and unless the location and extent thereof shall have been submitted to and approved by the FMPC. In case of disapproval, the FMPC shall