Franklin Zoning Ordinance

101 USE REGULATIONS Accessory Uses and Structures 05 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 v. Not create traffic or parking congestion, noise, lighting, vibration, odor, glare, fumes, or electrical or communications interference that can be detected by the normal senses off the premises; vi. Cause no change in the exterior appearance of the existing dwelling or other structures on the premises; vii. Not include more than one vehicle not customarily found in a residential district parked on the premises overnight; and viii. Not include signs or other means of advertising on the property. H. Mailbox Delivery Facilities Where centralized mailbox delivery facilities are provided, they shall comply with the following: 1. Centralized mailbox delivery facilities shall be installed on a lot owned and maintained by the homeowner’s association or property owners’ association. 2. Each cluster box unit shall comply with USPS specifications. In addition, a concrete or asphalt pad and a covered roof shall be provided that extends three feet on all sides that have access to mailbox compartments. 3. Adequate lighting shall be provided at each unit at an average illuminated intensity of 0.5 foot-candle. 4. Each facility serving up to 50 dwelling units shall have two dedicated parking spaces within easy access to the cluster box unit. One additional parking space shall be provided per 50 additional dwelling units served. I. Outdoor Playground Areas 1. Outdoor playground areas related to day care centers or a use classified as civic and institutional shall be placed to the side or rear of the building and bordered by a fence or wall at least three feet tall. 2. The perimeter of the fence shall be planted with a row of evergreen and deciduous shrubs with a minimum planting height of 30 inches and planted three feet on-center. J. Outdoor Sales Areas Outdoor sales areas associated with commercial uses shall: 1. Be located immediately adjacent to the front building facade; 2. Be limited to no more than one-half of the length of the front building facade. In the case of a shopping center, the outdoor sales area shall be limited to a maximum of one-half of the retail storefront associated with the display area; 3. Be prohibited in fire lanes, drive aisles, parking spaces, or areas intended for pedestrian circulation; 4. Maintain a minimum pedestrian walkway of at least five feet in width along the front of the display; and 5. Take place only on an improved surface such as the sidewalk or pavement. K. Outdoor Storage 1. Any storage shall be located inside of a building or fully enclosed by a shed or similar structure, unless the items stored are: a. Farm equipment in the AG district; b. Live vegetation that is for retail sale, provided the location and extent of the area used for such storage is