Franklin Zoning Ordinance

107 USE REGULATIONS Temporary Uses and Structures 05 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 location within 30 days from the date when the first sale was to be held, with no additional permit fee. F. Mobile Food Vendors See the Municipal Code. G. Residential Development Sales Office/ Model Home Temporary real estate sales offices/model homes are for the initial sale or lease of properties or buildings within a developing residential development and shall: 1. Not exceed one sales office or model home per builder or developer in a section or phase of a new development; 2. Be operated by a developer or builder active in the same section or phase where the sales office or model home is located; 3. Be located on an approved lot intended to be occupied by a dwelling unit; 4. Comply with the applicable zoning district standards or the development plan, if applicable; 5. Be aesthetically compatible with the character of surrounding development in terms of exterior color, predominant exterior building materials, and landscape; 6. Be either constructed and intended for ultimate residential use as part of the residential development or a temporary modular office unit. If a temporary modular office unit is constructed, the following additional standards shall be met: a. The modular office unit must be placed on a proper foundation, as recommended by the manufacturer. b. Skirting shall be installed around all sides of the modular office unit; and c. Evergreen shrubs shall be planted around the base of the structure, each located five feet on-center, when visible from other developed lots or public right-of-way; and 7. Be removed or, if a model home, converted into a permanent dwelling once the occupancy in the section or phase of the development reaches 85 percent. H. Seasonal Agricultural Sales Seasonal agricultural sales shall: 1. Be contained in an area that will support the proposed temporary sale of products without encroaching into or creating a negative impact on existing vegetated areas, open space, landscaping, traffic movements, or parking space availability; 2. Not occur within the public right-ofway or within 200 feet of a dwelling; 3. Maintain a minimum pedestrian walkway of at least five feet in width along the front of the display; 4. Be limited to products obtained primarily through farming or agricultural activities, including: a. Pumpkins; b. Grains and seed crops; c. Fruits and vegetables; d. Nursery, floral, ornamental, and greenhouse products; e. Trees and forest products, including Christmas trees, firewood, and pine straw; f. Bees and beekeeping products; g. Seafood; and h. Dairy products. 5. Not include processed or prepared food products, other than ancillary sales of