Franklin Zoning Ordinance

06 116 Chapter House BUILDING TYPES Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 6.3 House A building containing one dwelling unit on its own lot, surrounded by yards on all sides. In certain districts, nonresidential uses may be housed in this building type. This building type shall comply with all other applicable standards of this Ordinance. Permitted Districts AG ER R1 R2 R3 R4 R6 MR PD OR CI CC DD 1ST GO Number of Dwelling Units Dwelling Units 1 per building Building Orientation and Entry Main entrance Prominently located on front facade and highly visible Entry Features Shall have a covered porch, covered stoop, or a balcony over the entrance Facade Position The front facade shall face the frontage Building Orientation and Entry (Continued) Side Facade Facing a Frontage Shall have a similar level of architectural detailing, window alignment, and organization as the front facade Windows Glazing Minimum 15% on front facades Window Shape and Alignment Vertically proportioned and symmetrically aligned, but exceptions may be approved for particular architectural style e.g. prairie style Trim on Windows Facing a Frontage Minimum 4-inch trim with sill and top plate when siding surrounds the window Soldier course above the lintel and a rollock course below the sill when brick or stone surrounds the window Shutters If any, shutters shall be proportioned to cover onehalf the width of the window from each side or the total window from one side Foundations, Porches, and Stoops Finished Floor Elevation Minimum 18 inches above grade at front facade Porch Depth Minimum 6 feet of clear space, exclusive of railings, pillars, columns, or other porch features Stoop Depth 3 to 6 feet deep Roof Elements Pitch 3:12 to 12:12, excluding small roof sections over porches, entryways, or similar features