Franklin Zoning Ordinance

127 BUILDING TYPES Townhouse 06 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 Facade Standards for Each Unit Entry Features The front facade of each dwelling unit shall have a covered porch, covered stoop, or balcony over the main entrance Two Required Features A dormer with a window Eaves with a minimum sixinch projection from the front facade with architectural details Additional features framing windows, such as shutters, transoms, arches, or other architectural elements Side Facade Facing a Frontage Shall have a similar level of architectural detailing, symmetrically aligned windows, and organization as the front facade, such as side or wrap-around porches Facade Variety Building details, materials, windows, doors, and trim shall reflect a complementary architectural style, but the front facade of each dwelling unit shall be an individual facade, different from adjacent dwelling unit facades and any facade on the same building. Individual facades shall vary from adjoining dwelling units in at least two of the following ways: A. Varied architectural elements associated with the main entrance and entry features B. Varied features framing windows C. Front facade projections or recesses with a minimum depth of eight inches D. Different primary materials and/or colors on a facade, such as alternating among natural brick and painted brick colors, or other materials as permitted Facade Variety (Continued) As an alternative to the requirement above, a townhouse building with up to 4 units may be designed as a single cohesive front facade when each individual dwelling unit facade complies with all possible listed facade standards for each unit and the primary material is brick. For development projects that include more than one building, a variety of front facade elevations shall be provided, proof of which shall be submitted with a site plan. There shall be no other substantially similar townhouse buildings within view of the townhouse building. Foundations, Porches, and Stoops Finished Floor Elevation Minimum 18 inches above grade at front facade Porch Depth Minimum 6 feet of clear space, exclusive of railings, pillars, columns, or other porch features Stoop Depth 3 to 6 feet deep