Franklin Zoning Ordinance

129 BUILDING TYPES Townhouse 06 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 Garages Parking/ Garage Location Shall be located to the rear of the building and served by an alley or drive aisle Garage Scale Shall be subordinate in scale and massing to the building it serves Garage Setback 5 feet or at least 22 feet from alley right-of-way or drive aisle, where no alley right-ofway exists At least 22 feet from a mews right-of-way, when facing a mews the rear facade shall have a pedestrian door One-Car Garage Door Width Maximum 9 feet Two-Car Garage Door Width 16 to 18 feet Separation Between Garage Doors Minimum 2 feet Interior Dimensions Minimum 10 feet by 20 feet per vehicle parking space Transitional Features Requirements See Chapter 8, Transitional Features