Franklin Zoning Ordinance

06 136 Chapter Commercial/Mixed-Use Building BUILDING TYPES Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 Figure 6.8.1 Facade Articulation for Buildings with Two-Stories or More Window Arrangement: Upper floor windows aligned with those of ground floor ALL OTHER FACADES FACING A FRONTAGE RETAIL STOREFRONT Glazing on Storefronts 50-85% of the ground floor, measured between two feet and ten feet from the ground Glazing on Upper Floors: 20-65% on each floor Glazing on Other Facades Facing a Frontage 20-75% on each floor Facade Composition Vertically orient materials, design elements, and architectural details to emphasize proportion of height to width CAP MIDDLE BASE RETAIL STOREFRONT Kneewall Display Window Transom Window Trim & Cornice Detailing Ground Floor Height Minimum of 13 feet on ground floor from finished floor to finished ceiling