Franklin Zoning Ordinance

143 BUILDING TYPES Large-Scale Retail Building 06 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 Facade Standards Facade Composition Vertically orient materials, design elements, and architectural details to emphasize proportion of height to width Facade Width Maximum 600 feet Vertical Articulation Facade Articulation A facade greater than 200 feet in width shall be differentiated so that it appears to be comprised of two or more adjacent buildings, by dividing such facade into 35-100 foot segments, each of which includes a separate entrance and differs from each of the other segments with respect to all of the following: A. A change in shape, sill and header height, detail, size, spacing , rhythm, and muntin pattern of windows B. A change of building or cornice height C. A change in cornice details D. A change of wall material or wall color E. A change in trim courses and other horizontal elements F. A change in dormer or balcony design, if any G. Providing or changing pilasters, columns, or other Facade elements Vertical Articulation (Continued) Facade Design Proportions Facades shall be vertically proportioned Horizontal Articulation Horizontal Articulation Buildings shall have a base, middle, and cap Retail Storefronts Retail storefronts shall have display windows, transom windows, knee walls of between 18 and 24 inches, and other architectural elements such as bulkheads, trim, and cornice detailing Ground Floor Height Minimum of 13 feet on ground floor from finished floor to finished ceiling Parapet A parapet wall shall contain a cornice that projects a minimum of four inches, such as molding, corbels, traditional brick coursing patterns, or other ornamental cornicing Materials Primary Materials on a Facade Up to two of the following: brick, natural stone, or cultured stone Material Changes Shall coincide with form, structural, or massing changes and shall occur at the inside corner of such change Accent Materials (Up to 25 Percent of Net Facade) Architectural metals, scored precast concrete, authentic stucco, split-faced concrete block, or any primary material not used as a primary material on the building