Franklin Zoning Ordinance

07 152 Chapter General Provisions FRONTAGE TYPES Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 2. If the new lot is along Mack Hatcher Parkway or I-65 and not along or within any SCO corridor. See Subsection 12.7.3, Buffers along I-65 and Mack Hatcher Parkway, for additional requirements. C. New residential lots may have a side lot line that fronts an existing collector street or higher classification when the lot: 1. Fronts a local street by the entrance to the subdivision; or 2. Is designed around a close. D. Development or redevelopment shall not be configured or arranged so as to result in a flag lot or a double frontage lot for a house or duplex. 7.1.4 Building Site Frontage Where two or more principal buildings are proposed on the same lot, building sites for each proposed building shall be identified that designate the frontage type and location in compliance with the intent of this Chapter. 7.1.5 Parking Placement A. Parking placement shall comply with the frontage type requirements, but where parking is serving a principal use that does not have a principal building, parking shall be located behind the minimum front yard setback for the applicable district. B. Exceptions to this Section are made during times of emergencies due to acts of nature, residents moving into or out of the premises, occasional family celebrations, and routine maintenance on structures or landscaping.