Franklin Zoning Ordinance

09 166 Chapter Alleys STREETS AND CIRCULATION Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 Figure 9.3.2.A Cross section of an internal drive showing travel lanes, parallel parking, sidewalks, and street trees with planting strip. Travel Lanes Parking Lanes Planting Strip Sidewalk 40’ 9.4 Alleys 9.4.1 Standards A. Alleys shall be designed and constructed pursuant to the Transportation and Street Technical Standards. B. Residential lots with a lot width of 45 feet or less must be served by an alley. C. On each residential lot with an alley, a two-foot by six-foot concrete pad shall be placed at the rear of the lot, parallel to the alley, for garbage can collection. D. No vehicle, fence, structure, vegetation, or wall shall be erected, maintained, or planted within the alley right-of-way, easements, or within two feet of the edge of the alley pavement/curb, whichever is greater. 9.4.2 Alley Layout Alley and lot layout shall be designed to screen the view into an alley from an intersecting street by meeting any one of the following: A. Providing evergreen planting material along the intersecting street to create an opaque screen; B. Requiring a build-to line for the garage at five feet from the alley right-of-way; C. Placing fencing with a height of six feet along the edge of the rear lot line and along the lot line abutting the intersecting street; or D. Creating a curve in the alley by the third lot from the intersecting street. 9.4.3 Mews Where the Transportation and Street Technical Standards prohibit a driveway cut, a mews shall provide vehicular access to the rear of lots fronting onto open space. All provisions in this Ordinance regarding an alley shall also apply to a mews, in addition to the following: A. The maximum length of a mews shall be 800 feet, as measured along the centerline; and B. Each end of a mews shall connect to a street and shall not terminate into an alley or another mews. C. Additional site design standards are found in Section 11.7, Courtyard, and additional alley-loading garage standards are found in the applicable building type.