Franklin Zoning Ordinance

181 PARKING AND TRANSIT Parking 10 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 10.1.17 Driveways on Residential Lots A. Driveways on residential lots shall comply with the requirements below: Driveways Requirements Driveway Placement If any, a driveway shall be located primarily in front of the garage or to the side of the principal building and shall not encroach into the yard area located in front of the remaining part of the principal building As alternatives to the requirements above: A. A circular driveway may be permitted when the lot size is greater than 30,000 square feet B. Secondary accesses may be approved, subject to the Transportation and Street Technical Standards Driveway Dimensions A minimum width of 10 feet, unless it is a ribbon driveway, but no wider than the width of the garage Where no garage exists or where the garage is less than 20 feet wide, the maximum width shall be 20 feet and configured to meet the width of the driveway apron at the lot line Driveway Apron Shall comply with the Transportation and Street Technical Standards Driveway Setback Shall be located a minimum of 5 feet from any abutting lot line, unless it is a shared driveway Easement Conditions Shall not be located within a recorded utility or drainage easement Additional Standards See applicable building type and frontage type standards B. Driveways on residential lots that were installed prior to March 1, 2007 or that were identified on a building plat and approved by the Building and Neighborhood Services Department in conjunction with the issuance of a building permit may continue. When a driveway covers more than 40 percent of the front yard and a change in size, location, or material is contemplated, the driveway shall comply with this Ordinance.