Franklin Zoning Ordinance

10 184 Chapter Bicycle Parking PARKING AND TRANSIT Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 10.2 Bicycle Parking 10.2.1 Minimum Bicycle Parking Bicycle parking shall be provided in accordance with the following: Principal Use Minimum Bicycle Parking Spaces Multifamily 0.05 space per bedroom Educational Facilities 1 space per 10 students Office 1 space per 20,000 square feet of gross floor area Any Other Uses with Parking Areas 1 space per 20 vehicle spaces 10.2.2 Bicycle Parking Standards A. Bicycle parking shall be provided using bicycle racks, bicycle lockers, restrictedaccess bicycle enclosures, or similar secured facilities. B. Bicycle racks shall be securely anchored and easily usable with U-locks and cable locks. C. Four-foot wide aisles on all sides of bicycle parking spaces shall: 1. Be provided for clear and maneuverable access; and 2. Not encroach into sidewalk areas. D. Bicycle parking areas shall be separated from vehicle parking and circulation areas by: 1. A physical barrier; or 2. A distance sufficient to protect parked bicycles from damage by vehicles, including front and rear overhangs of parked or moving vehicles. E. Bicycle parking shall be located near the building main entrance. Where there is more than one building on a site or where a building has more than one main entrance, the bicycle parking shall be distributed to serve each main entrance. F. If the bicycle parking is located outside, then the following shall apply: 1. Bicycle parking areas shall be paved with materials per Subsection 10.1.19, Surfacing; 2. The bicycle parking area shall be connected to the internal pedestrian circulation system per Section 9.6, Pedestrian Circulation; and 3. A curb ramp shall be provided if located next to a street or internal drive.