Franklin Zoning Ordinance

19 ZONING DISTRICTS General Provisions 03 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 3.1 General Provisions 3.1.1 Zoning Districts For the purposes of this Ordinance, the City is divided into the following zoning districts as set forth on the zoning map: AG Agriculture District ER Estate Residential District R1 Residential 1 District R2 Residential 2 District R3 Residential 3 District R4 Residential 4 District R6 Residential 6 District MR Mixed Residential PD Planned District OR Office Residential District CI Civic Institutional District NC Neighborhood Commercial District CC Central Commercial District DD Downtown District 1ST 1st Avenue District 5TH 5th Avenue North District RC6 Regional Commerce 6 District RC12 Regional Commerce 12 District GO General Office District LI Light Industrial District HI Heavy Industrial District 3.1.2 District Components Each zoning district contains the following provisions: A. The purpose, which provides the intent of the district; B. Use regulations, which specify the range of permitted uses and structures in accordance with Chapter 5, Use Regulations; C. Building types, which specify the permitted principal building types in accordance with Chapter 6, Building Types; D. Frontage types, which specify the permitted frontage types in accordance with Chapter 7, Frontage Types; E. Dimensional standards, which specify the regulations for lot standards, building setbacks, building height, landscape surface area, and other requirements; and F. Additional standards, which provide links to additional development standards that may be applicable in the district.