Franklin Zoning Ordinance

11 190 Chapter Natural Area OPEN SPACE Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 11.3 Natural Area Description An open space that is maintained, but left in a natural state. Natural areas may contain hillsides, hillcrests, slopes exceeding 14 percent, floodplain, streams, ponds, agricultural lands, forest, fields, meadows, tree save areas, scenic corridors and viewsheds, wildlife habitat, or vegetated stormwater management features. These areas may also contain historic or culturally significant areas, such as cemeteries, battlefields, or other archaeologically significant resources. Standards Permitted Districts All districts Dimensions Minimum size of 5,000 square feet Arrangement Shall have at least one direct access to a public right-ofway or private street with access easement Standards (Continued) Landscape Minimum one large canopy tree and two understory trees per each 2,500 square feet and landscaped in an informal arrangement Features Shall have sidewalks, multiuse paths, or nature trails, which shall be placed within a public access easement If elected by the applicant, multi-use paths that meet ADA requirements may be counted as a greenway, subject to the standards in Section 11.4, Greenway Additional Areas The following areas may be credited toward the natural area set aside: A. Required landscape areas and medians of at least 5,000 square feet B. Land within the boundary of a private lot or development site subject to a conservation easement that is accepted by the City and provides for permanent open space in perpetuity C. Landscaped stormwater management features, designed pursuant to Section 17.5, Stormwater Management Features