Franklin Zoning Ordinance

199 OPEN SPACE Provision in Multi-Phase Developments 11 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 in the development have a right to enforce the conservation easement. 11.11.4 Public Ownership See the Municipal Code for options for parkland dedication in lieu of parkland impact fee. 11.12 Provision in Multi-Phase Developments A. Development proposed in phases shall be considered as a single development for the purposes of calculating the open space set aside. B. Development shall not be phased to avoid the minimum open space set aside. C. In cases where less than 100 percent of the total amount of open space set aside is provided within the first phase of a multiphase development, the remaining open space shall be apportioned into each of the remaining development phases. 11.13 Maintenance Open spaces shall be maintained in reasonable order and condition in accordance with the approved site plan, as determined by the Department of Building and Neighborhood Services. The Department of Building and Neighborhood Services may serve written notice of deficiencies upon the homeowners association, property owners association, or the owners of the open space. If the deficiencies have not been corrected within 30 days after written notice, then the Department of Building and Neighborhood Services shall have the authority to correct the deficiencies. The cost of the correction shall be assessed jointly and severally against the properties within the development that have a right of enjoyment of the open space. The entire cost of correction shall be a lien upon each of the properties from the date that the lien is filed in the Register’s Office of Williamson County.