Franklin Zoning Ordinance

223 LIGHTING Specific Lighting Standards 14 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 14.3.3 Building-Mounted Lights Building-mounted lights shall be ornamental sconces, cutoff fixtures, or other fixtures that are screened by the building’s architectural features. 14.3.4 Floodlights and Spotlights A. Floodlights and spotlights shall be selected, located, aimed, and shielded so that direct illumination is focused exclusively on a portion of the building facade or other intended site feature. B. Pole-mounted floodlights and spotlights are prohibited. 14.3.5 Outdoor Sports Field, Sport Court, and Performance Area Lights Lighting fixtures for outdoor sports fields, courts, and performance areas shall: A. Be equipped with a glare control package, such as louvers, shields, or similar devices; B. Be aimed so that their beams are directed and fall within the primary playing or performance area; and C. Be limited in hours of operation so that lighting does not continue more than one hour after the end of the game or event. 14.3.6 Canopy and Awning Lights A. Internally illuminated awnings and canopies are prohibited. B. Backlighting and downlighting for awnings are prohibited. C. Backlighting for canopies is prohibited. D. Canopies are permitted to have downlights on the ceiling of the canopy when the lenses of the light sources are flush with the canopy ceiling or recessed. 14.3.7 String Lights A. String lights in nonresidential, mixed-use, and multifamily development shall be permitted in the following locations: 1. Open space lots; 2. Neighborhood amenities; 3. Private streets, internal drives, and activated private alleys, excluding fire lanes, provided that adequate clearance is maintained for emergency vehicles, subject to approval by the Fire Department; 4. Outdoor dining areas; and 5. Under porch ceilings or canopies attached to a building. B. String lights in nonresidential, mixed-use, and multifamily development shall not be permitted to: 1. Outline buildings, except as a part of temporary holiday lighting; 2. Be located in the public right-of-way; and 3. Be part of or attached to a sign. C. String lights are not regulated on residential lots. 14.3.8 Street Lights Street lighting shall be designed in accordance with the Transportation and Street Technical Standards. Street lights and standards shall be of a type approved by MTEMC. Street lights in residential and mixed-use development shall: A. Not exceed a pedestrian-scale height of 18 feet, measured from finished grade to highest part of fixture or pole assembly; B. Be an ornamental fixture. Shoebox and cobra-head style fixtures are prohibited.