Franklin Zoning Ordinance

225 SIGNS General Provisions 15 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 15.1 General Provisions 15.1.1 Conflicting Provisions A. In the HPO, in cases where there is a conflict between the standards in the Historic District Design Guidelines and this Chapter, then the standards in the Historic District Design Guidelines shall take precedence. B. In cases where there is a conflict within this Chapter, the standards for the specific sign type shall control. 15.1.2 Placement A. Signs shall be placed according to the applicable sign type requirements. B. Signs shall not be placed within the public right-of-way, except: 1. Those placed by or on behalf of a governmental entity; 2. Sandwich board signs in the HPO as permitted by the Municipal Code; and 3. Those sign types that project from a building over a sidewalk. C. All other signs placed in the right-ofway shall be forfeited to the public and shall be immediately confiscated by the Department of Building and Neighborhood Services. D. Signs shall not interfere or block the sight of directional, instructional, or warning signs placed by or on behalf of a governmental entity. E. Signs, along with their supports, braces, guys, or anchors shall be placed or constructed so as not to obstruct or interfere with any door, window, fire escape or other means of egress, light, or ventilation. Signs shall be located so that they do not obscure the view of pedestrian or vehicular traffic that would endanger safe movement. Signs shall not be placed to obscure prominent architectural features on a building. 15.1.3 Proportion and Shape Signs shall not be irregularly shaped. 15.1.4 Materials A. Building materials for sign backgrounds, frames, supports, and ornamentation shall: 1. Be durable and low-maintenance; 2. Be of the same or higher quality materials as the principal building; and 3. Have compatible design for all parts of the sign. B. The following materials are prohibited for sign backgrounds, frames, supports, and ornamentation: 1. Exposed metal poles; and 2. Smooth- or split-faced concrete blocks, whether painted or unpainted. 15.1.5 External Illumination A. External illumination of signs shall: 1. Be achieved by a white, steady, stationary light of reasonable intensity; 2. Be aimed and shielded so that direct illumination is focused exclusively on the sign area; and 3. Be shielded from adjacent buildings, streets, and internal drives and shall not be so bright as to cause glare on or other nuisances to adjacent properties. B. The sign or light source shall not produce glare or illumination that could distract or interfere with the vision of drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, or adjacent property owners. Illumination shall be shielded in such a manner that no direct glare can be seen from any angle. C. Any electrical lights or fixtures shall be installed in accordance with Article 600 of the National Electrical Code.