Franklin Zoning Ordinance

03 40 Chapter OR—Office Residential District ZONING DISTRICTS Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 3.11 OR—Office Residential District 3.11.1 Purpose The OR district is intended to provide office and residential uses and serves as a transition between higher-intensity commercial uses and residential neighborhoods. Buildings must appear as houses to preserve the established residential character. 3.11.2 Use Regulations A. Principal uses shall comply with Section 5.1, Principal Uses. B. Accessory uses and structures shall comply with Section 5.2, Accessory Uses and Structures. C. Temporary uses and structures shall comply with Section 5.3, Temporary Uses and Structures. 3.11.3 Building Types The following principal building type is permitted: A. House 3.11.4 Frontage Types The following frontage type is permitted: A. Yard Frontage 3.11.5 Dimensional Standards The following dimensional standards are required: Lot Standards Minimum Lot Size 75% of the average lot size of existing lots on the same block face, but in no case shall be less than 6,500 square feet