Franklin Zoning Ordinance

03 50 Chapter 1ST—1st Avenue District ZONING DISTRICTS Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 3.16 1ST—1st Avenue District 3.16.1 Purpose The 1ST district is intended to: A. Provide for nonresidential uses at the Franklin Road gateway into the historic downtown; and B. Allow for redevelopment on land previously developed prior to Federal or local floodplain regulations on the edges of the floodway fringe. 3.16.2 Applicability In cases of conflict between the standards of the 1ST and FFO or FWO districts, the regulations of 1ST district shall apply. 3.16.3 Use Regulations A. Within the developable area delineated in Subsection 3.16.4, Development Limits: 1. Principal uses shall comply with Section 5.1, Principal Uses. 2. Accessory uses and structures shall comply with Section 5.2, Accessory Uses and Structures. 3. Temporary uses and structures shall comply with Section 5.3, Temporary Uses and Structures. B. Outside of the development limits, new uses/encroachments shall comply with the FFO or FWO, whichever is applicable. 3.16.4 Development Limits A. The uses and developable area shall be no closer to the Harpeth River than the existing elevation contour of 630 feet above sea level prior to any modification of floodplain, or the riparian buffer as required by the Stormwater Management Ordinance, or the outer boundary of the FWO, whichever is most restrictive. B. Floodplain alteration is prohibited outside of the development limits, other than for public or private infrastructure. 3.16.5 Building Types Within the developable area delineated in Subsection 3.16.4, Development Limits, the following principal building types are permitted: A. House—required fronting 1st Avenue S, south of silos B. Duplex (outside of FWO and FFO) C. Multiplex (outside of FWO and FFO) D. Townhouse (outside of FWO and FFO) E. Commercial/Mixed-Use Building F. Civic Building 3.16.6 Frontage Types The following frontage types are permitted: A. Yard Frontage B. Urban Frontage