Franklin Zoning Ordinance

03 56 Chapter RC12—Regional Commerce 12 District ZONING DISTRICTS Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 3.19 RC12—Regional Commerce 12 District 3.19.1 Purpose The RC12 district is intended to promote economic development through a diverse mix of high-intensity uses with a building height of up to 12 stories. 3.19.2 Use Regulations A. Principal uses shall comply with Section 5.1, Principal Uses. B. Accessory uses and structures shall comply with Section 5.2, Accessory Uses and Structures. C. Temporary uses and structures shall comply with Section 5.3, Temporary Uses and Structures. 3.19.3 Building Types The following principal building types are permitted: A. Commercial/Mixed-Use Building B. Large-Scale Office Building C. Large-Scale Retail Building D. Civic Building E. Multifamily Building 3.19.4 Frontage Types The following frontage types are permitted: A. Landscape Frontage B. Urban Frontage