Franklin Zoning Ordinance

63 ZONING DISTRICTS HI—Heavy Industrial District 03 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 3.22.5 Dimensional Standards The following dimensional standards are required: Lot Standards Minimum Lot Size - Lot Width - Front Lot Line - Number of Buildings Maximum Principal Building 1 per lot Accessory Structure - Principal Building Setbacks Minimum Front Yard 30 feet Side Yard 15 feet Rear Yard 25 feet Appurtenance Encroachments into Setbacks Front Yard 6 feet max Side Yard 5 feet max Rear Yard 6 feet max Steps may encroach up to the front lot line, but no closer than 5 feet from a side or rear lot line Accessory Structure Setbacks Location At least 5 feet behind the principal building At least 5 feet from any lot line Building Height Maximum Principal Building 3 stories Accessory Structure 2 stories, but shall not exceed the height of the principal building Landscape Minimum Landscape Surface Area 20% 3.22.6 Additional Standards Chapter References Building Types Chapter 6 Frontage Types Chapter 7 Transitional Features Chapter 8 Streetscape and Circulation Chapter 9 Parking and Transit Chapter 10 Open Space Chapter 11 Landscape Chapter 12 Fences, Walls, and Screening Chapter 13 Lighting Chapter 14 Signs Chapter 15 Utilities Chapter 16 Natural Resources Chapter 17 Historic Resources Chapter 18