Franklin Zoning Ordinance

71 OVERLAY ZONING DISTRICTS HPO—Historic Preservation Overlay District 04 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 B. When a notice of violation has been issued for failure to maintain improvements in the HPO, the property owner or their agent shall meet with the Building & Neighborhood Services Department and the Department of Planning & Sustainability to discuss a plan of action to address the maintenance issues identified on the property. Within 60 days following the issuance of a notice of violation, the property owner or their agent will propose a timeline for the completion of the repair and will come to a consensus with staff as to the prioritization of each item necessitating repair. Deviation from the timeline will result in citation to court, as provided in the Municipal Code. 4.5.7 Remedying of Dangerous Conditions A. City enforcement agencies may determine, in consultation with, at a minimum, the Department of Planning and Sustainability, that the condition of a property is dangerous to life, health, or property. B. Upon making such a determination, when an enforcement agency orders or directs the construction, removal, alteration, or demolition of an improvement, to remedy conditions determined to be dangerous to life, health, or property, then nothing contained in this Section shall be construed as making it unlawful for a person, without prior issuance of a certificate of appropriateness, to comply with the order or direction. Where practicable, the enforcement agency shall give the HZC notice of the proposed order or direction if it may affect the exterior appearance of a structure or site. The HZC shall have adequate opportunity to review and provide written comments upon the action proposed by an enforcement agency prior to the initiation of an action. 4.5.8 Right of Entry Upon Land The HZC, its members and employees, in the performance of its work, may enter upon land within its jurisdiction, make examinations and surveys, and place or remove public notices as required by this Ordinance, but there shall be no right of entry into a building without the consent of the owner.