Franklin Zoning Ordinance

05 86 Chapter Principal Uses USE REGULATIONS Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 arranged, and operated so as not to dominate the immediate vicinity or to interfere with the use and development of neighboring property pursuant to the applicable district regulations. 3. Event venues shall not cause undue traffic congestion or draw significant amounts of traffic through residential streets. 4. All necessary steps shall be taken to minimize any adverse effects of the event venue and development on the immediate vicinity through building design, site design, landscaping, and screening. 5. When establishing this use in a PD district, conditions of approval may be imposed to minimize adverse impacts with the surrounding residential areas. Conditions may include: a. Limitations and restrictions on the use of the property; b. Restrictions on construction activity that will occur on and around the property; c. Conditions concerning the character and design of the proposed use and development; d. The location of the use within the property; e. The provision of landscaping and screening with specificity as to design, quantity, quality, size, and location; f. Restrictions on the hours of operation of the use; g. Requirements for sound proofing or other noise mitigation; h. A requirement that the property be developed and used in strict accordance with the development plan; and i. A requirement for periodic review with a public hearing before the BOMA. H. Garden Centers 1. Outdoor storage and outdoor sales are not permitted in required setbacks, fire lanes, drive aisles, required parking areas, or areas intended for pedestrian circulation. 2. Any outdoor storage other than live vegetation shall be located behind the building or screened from public view and adjacent properties with an opaque fence or wall with a height of at least six feet. Landscaping may be used if a six-foot tall solid evergreen screen is provided at the time of planting. 3. Garden centers are not subject to Paragraph 5.2.7.J, Outdoor Sales Area, or Paragraph 5.2.7.K, Outdoor Storage. I. Gas Stations 1. Gas stations shall not be located on a lot at a street intersection composed of two or more arterial streets. 2. Gas stations on lots at intersections, where permitted, shall be designed so that any fueling pumps and associated canopies are located away from the intersection and to the side or rear of the building. 3. Gas stations shall not be located adjacent to a residential lot, unless approved by the BOMA as part of a development plan. 4. Gas stations shall have pitched roofs for buildings and canopies. 5. Canopies shall have a maximum clearance height of 15 feet from the finished grade to the underside of the canopy. 6. Canopies shall use the same exterior