Franklin Zoning Ordinance

99 USE REGULATIONS Accessory Uses and Structures 05 Chapter Franklin Zoning Ordinance Effective January 1, 2023 up to eight guests, and in no event shall a sleeping room be occupied by a guest for more than seven consecutive days. 4. Cooking facilities shall not be permitted within individual sleeping rooms, and food may be served only to overnight guests. 5. Dining or gathering areas shall not be leased for social events. 6. Occupancies shall comply with International Fire Code and the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code, which may result in additional requirements. E. Canopies Canopies, except those associated with gas stations, shall comply with the following: 1. Canopies shall be attached to a principal building and shall not be freestanding or attached to an accessory structure, unless it is located to the rear of the principal building. 2. Canopies shall have a maximum clearance height of 15 feet from the finished grade to the underside of the canopy. 3. Canopies shall use the same exterior materials and architectural style as the principal building. Each column or post shall have a base of brick, natural stone, or cultured stone. 4. Canopy lighting shall comply with Subsection 14.3.6, Canopy and Awning Lights. F. Drive-In/Drive-Through Facilities Drive-in or drive-through facilities shall be located behind the building; however, service windows may be located on a side facade only when the side facade faces away from any street. Figure 5.2.7.G Drive-through window STREET STREET VEHICLE STACKING AREA Drive Through Window G. Home Occupations 1. The following home occupations are permitted: a. Artistic and creative professions, such as artist, author, baker, caterer, event planner, graphic designer, interior designer, recording artist, sewist, songwriter, tailor, or like profession, where business conducted shall be limited to one on-site client at a time. All other client and business contact shall be via phone/internet or off-site; b. Counseling services that do not provide services to more than two clients at a time; however, this shall not preclude a family counseling session, provided that all other provisions of Paragraph 5.2.7.G are followed; c. Office for mobile service provider, such as dog grooming, auto detailing or maintenance, courier