Envision Franklin

102 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Land Uses and Building Forms AGRICULTURAL Agriculture An agricultural or farming use, including facilities for processing and selling agricultural products grown on the premises, and nurseries. Hobby Farm A small farm for recreational use generally maintained without expectation of being a primary source of income. RESIDENTIAL Single-Family Residential A type of dwelling that is a stand-alone structure on its own lot and intended for occupancy by a single family. Cottage A single-family dwelling that is typically one story or one-and-one-half stories, with simple architectural features, often with a hipped or low-pitched gabled roof and window dormers. Architectural styles commonly associated with cottages include the bungalow, Craftsman, and Cape Cod. LAND USES AND BUILDING FORMS Each design concept identifies appropriate primary and secondary land uses. The primary land uses should widely shape the area, with secondary uses mixed in to complement the primary uses and to provide variety. In many cases, building form and the design of the development are equally as important as the uses in creating well-designed places and enhancing community character. The following are descriptions of the land uses and building forms that are referenced in the design concepts.