Envision Franklin

Land Uses and Building Forms | ENVISION FRANKLIN 103 RESIDENTIAL Accessory Dwelling A detached, self-contained, small dwelling located on the same lot as a larger, singlefamily dwelling that may be a stand-alone structure or located above a detached garage. Duplex A single building that contains two dwelling units, each of which has direct access to the outside or a common hallway leading outside. Big House A two-story residential building, with four or less dwelling units, that has the appearance of a single-family dwelling from the street. Farmstead Compound A type of residential development with one main structure that resembles a large, detached single family dwelling, a barn, and associated outbuildings, designed around significant open spaces and viewsheds. While maintaining the architecture, form, and scale of a farmstead, each building may contain multiple dwelling units. This type of housing arrangement is best suited for areas where rural character is desired to remain and may either be new construction or an adaptive reuse of an existing farmstead. Townhouse An individual dwelling where one or two walls are shared between adjacent dwellings and is generally narrower than traditional, single-family dwellings. They are located on separate lots with independent access to the exterior and generally have small yards. © OPTICOS DESIGN, INC © OPTICOS DESIGN, INC