Envision Franklin

104 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Land Uses and Building Forms RESIDENTIAL Multifamily Residential A residential building containing five or more individual dwelling units, with the units often stacked one above the other, sharing common walls and/or horizontal floors and ceilings, often called apartments, lofts, condominiums, or stacked flats, and includes both for sale and rent. Assisted Living A combination of housing, healthcare, personalized assistance, and supportive services designed to respond to the individual needs of those who need help with activities of daily living. INSTITUTIONAL Institutional Land used for civic purposes, such as a cemetery, church, community center, fire station, government office, hospital, library, police station, post office, school, or other institution of public and semi-public gathering and to support the common good. Recreation Land used for public or private parks and recreational uses, or that are to be preserved in a natural state, and includes both active and passive open space. COMMERCIAL Live-Work Unit A single unit consisting of both an office and a residential component.