Envision Franklin

Land Uses and Building Forms | ENVISION FRANKLIN 105 COMMERCIAL Transitional Office A low-intensity office or personal service use that transitions between a higher-intensity commercial area and surrounding residential neighborhoods and is typically located in a single-family structure that has been converted to an office use or is located in a stand-alone building that has residential architectural features. Uses may include personal service or an office for an attorney, doctor, family dentist, real estate agent, or insurance company and typically have limited building size, parking-lot size, and hours of operation. Professional Office An office use primarily to conduct business or to provide services. No goods or merchandise are sold or exchanged, and uses such as an attorneys’ office, daycare center, medical group practice, office suite for individual businesses, real estate office, sales office, and telemarketing center may be included. Regional Office An office that accommodates corporate employers with broad regional influence, corporate headquarters, and professional or service office suites, and whose buildings are generally large in height and scale and accommodate large numbers of employees. Hotel A commercial establishment providing temporary sleeping accommodations, meals, and other guest services, but not bed-and-breakfast establishments or rooming houses. Local Commercial A commercial retail or personal service use that is generally located in a stand-alone building or in a small commercial center that serves surrounding neighborhoods. Examples include a beauty salon, drug store, restaurant, micro-brewery, small clothing store, small grocery store, day care center, gas station, or other specialty shop. Regional Commercial Large commercial retail uses that serve a larger regional market and may include department stores, grocery superstores, large discount stores, large specialty retailers, general retail, automotive uses, and restaurants.