Envision Franklin

Implementation | ENVISION FRANKLIN 111 An applicant requesting a Plan amendment must complete the following steps prior to the Planning Commission meeting where the request is to be considered: 1. Meet with Planning and Sustainability Department regarding the intent of the amendment request and demonstrate its need and justification. 2. Conduct a site visit with members of the Departmental Review Team (DRT). 3. Submit a conceptual sketch of the proposed development and hold a preliminary design meeting with the DRT. 4. Conduct a neighborhood meeting where information should be presented regarding the nature of the Plan amendment request and the proposed site design. Notice of the neighborhood meeting should be provided, at a minimum, to property owners within 500 feet of the property by first class mail at least one week prior to the meeting date. A report of comments from the neighbors should be included with the Plan amendment request submittal. 5. Submit a formal Plan amendment request for review by the Planning Commission, as outlined in the FMPC Bylaws. Applicant-requested Plan amendments to accommodate specific developments may be considered only for the design concept map and/ or special considerations. The Guiding Principles and Design Concepts are the long-term vision for the future and are not appropriate to be considered for amendment as part of a development request. An applicant requesting a Plan amendment must demonstrate its need and justification, as follows: 1. Significant changes have occurred since the adoption of the Plan and necessitate the proposed amendment; 2. The proposal is consistent with the overall intent of the Plan, its guiding principles, desired land-use patterns, the development suitability analysis, and infill maps as applicable; 3. The design is compatible with the design concept of the surrounding area and does not cause an abrupt change in massing, form, or architecture; 4. The proposal does not adversely affect the health and safety of residents, or damage the natural environment or scenic quality in contradiction to the Plan; and 5. Substantial improvements in the quality of life for City residents will be achieved. PLAN AMENDMENTS Amendments to the Plan may be reviewed by the Planning Commission on a quarterly basis. Since the Plan is the City’s collective vision, ample opportunity will be provided for citizen input when amendments are proposed. City-sponsored Plan amendments may include revisions to one or more sections of the Plan. These amendments will generally result from special projects or studies or as a result of changes within the market, infrastructure, a specific issue/policy change, changes in State law, or a substantial change in situation or public sentiment. These amendments may include changes to any portion of the Plan, including the text, maps, or other corrections.