Envision Franklin

110 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Implementation UPDATES AND AMENDMENTS STATE LAW REQUIREMENTS State law defines the manner in which the Plan may be adopted or amended. Prior to the adoption of the Plan or any parts of the Plan, the Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing thereon, published in a newspaper at least 30 days prior to the meeting. The adoption of the Plan or any part, amendment, or addition shall be by resolution carried by the affirmative votes of not less than a majority of all the members of the Commission. The resolution shall refer expressly to the maps, descriptive matter and other matters intended by the Planning Commission to form the whole or part of the Plan, and the action taken shall be recorded on the adopted Plan or part thereof and descriptive matter by the identifying signature of the secretary of the Planning Commission (the Planning & Sustainability Department Director), and a copy of the Plan or part thereof shall be certified to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. MAJOR UPDATES Planning is an ongoing process that responds to new information and changing conditions, challenges, and opportunities that may arise. Major Plan updates should occur every five years to give the City an opportunity to reaffirm the validity of the vision, revise the Plan to be relevant to today’s world, and draft new strategies for consideration. These updates will be a significant undertaking involving public officials, City staff, citizens, and consultant services as needed. Updates should include an evaluation of areas where the Plan has been successful and where there may be a need for refinement, based on the following: 1. Identification of changing conditions, trends, or new approaches; 2. Evaluation of policies to determine their effectiveness and relevance to current conditions and trends; 3. Necessary adjustments due to changes in State law; and 4. Assessment of Plan amendments and/or any other deviations from the Plan to determine if there is a pattern of emerging changes. “MAJOR PLAN UPDATES SHOULD OCCUR EVERY FIVE YEARS TO GIVE THE CITY AN OPPORTUNITY TO REAFFIRM THE VALIDITY OF THE VISION...”