Envision Franklin

Appendix | ENVISION FRANKLIN 133 APPENDIX B ings. Immediately west of the mall is a pocket of non-residential development that includes a mix of office, showroom, and institutional uses that occur in larger, warehouse type buildings. East of the Interstate 65 corridor is a mix of office development, typically ranging from six to eleven stories. The Carothers Parkway area is the backbone of the McEwen character area and is a major employment corridor for the City. As property values continue to rise in the corridor, infill development of office buildings and hotels with structured parking is replacing large parking areas that once served existing office buildings. At the time of this plan, multiple developments are underway at the intersection of Carothers Parkway and McEwen Drive. Ovation, the largest of the new approved developments, is planned to include 1.4 million square feet of office space, retail, commercial and entertainment uses as well as two hotels and nearly 1,000 new residential units. A mix of commercial uses is also found along the Murfreesboro Road corridor. The developments, which are older than buildings found to the north, are a mix of local destinations, including automotive repair and sales, banks, grocery stores, restaurants, and pharmacies. Additionally, the Williamson County Medical Center and similar healthcare McEWEN uses are located near the corridor on the east side of the Interstate. Investments have been made along the Murfreesboro Road corridor as redevelopments have taken place, but additional incentives and planning could be used to encourage significant redevelopment along the corridor.