Envision Franklin

134 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Appendix APPENDIX B McLEMORE DEMOGRAPHICS/ GENERAL INFORMATION The McLemore Character Area has 5,090 acres in the southwestern portion of the UGB. It is bound on the south and west by the UGB and to the north and east by the Goose Creek Character Area. The area as a whole, while not currently within the city, acts as the rural gateway into the community. ENVIRONMENTAL/ GEOLOGY/TOPOGRAPHY Much of the McLemore Character Area is impacted by environmental constraints including steep slopes, some of which are greater than 20%, and the West Harpeth River corridor and floodplain. The hillsides and the floodplain are both considered to be natural resources that should be preserved. TRANSPORTATION/ACCESS The McLemore Character Area includes two primary corridors: Columbia Pike and the Goose Creek Bypass. These two-lane, rural roadways provide a connection to State Route 840 to the south, and Interstate 65 to the east. The connection to these regional transportation corridors has increased the development interest and traffic through the McLemore area. In addition to Columbia Pike and Goose Creek Bypass, the McLemore area is traversed by a series of smaller rural roadways that are not integrated into the larger transportation network. This lack of connectivity and the current cross sections of the major roadways do not allow for the high traffic volumes that are anticipated for the area. In the long term, both Columbia Pike and Goose Creek Bypass are recommended for widening in the 2010 City of Franklin Major Thoroughfare Plan in order to accommodate the anticipated increase in traffic. While traffic planning will be important to help guide development, the design and character of the roadways will need to be considered, as well. Columbia Pike and Goose Creek Bypass serve as the southern gateway into the City of Franklin. The scenic quality of these corridors are of tremendous value to the City’s population. While wider roadway corridors will be necessary, the design of the corridor will need to respect that natural features, environment, and overall design aesthetic. There is a rail line that bisects the McLemore Character area. The CSX line parallels Hunter Road and intersects at grade with Harpeth Road, Kittrell Road, and Coleman Road. LAND USE AND GROWTH This area has a rural character, with large lots and significant vacant land, comprising nearly eighty percent of the acreage. Estate residential is the dominant use. The vast amount of vacant land with direct access to Goose Creek Bypass creates a prime location for future development pressures. However, sewer is unavailable throughout most of the area and is not expected to be extended within the next fifteen years. The CSX rail road corridor has been mentioned as a possible location for a light rail system in the past. However, this transit connection is unlikely for the foreseeable future. If a passenger rail line is planned, there are large parcels of land adjacent to the rail corridor that would have the potential for a mix of uses, including residential, commercial, and office. Due to the existing rural character of the area, the benefits and impacts of placing a mixed use development in the area would need to thoroughly analyzed.