Envision Franklin

Appendix | ENVISION FRANKLIN 135 APPENDIX B SEWARD HALL DEMOGRAPHICS/ GENERAL INFORMATION The Seward Hall Character Area lies east of Interstate 65 on the easternmost edge of the City of Franklin and the UGB. It is comprised of approximately 10,614 acres. The north and east boundaries of Seward Hall are the City of Brentwood and the limits of the UGB. The southern boundary is the Harpeth River. The McEwen Character Area lies immediately to the west. ENVIRONMENTAL/ GEOLOGY/TOPOGRAPHY The majority of the Seward Hall Character Area is not impacted by environmental or topographical constraints because the topography is fairly moderate. The northern portion of the area does contain a concentration of hillsides north of McEwen Drive. There are also some isolated hills along the Liberty Pike corridor. While the hillsides pose a challenge to the area, existing development has been able to occur around these features. The development has been executed in a way that preserves the character of the area. The existing topography should not pose any additional constraints since much of the area surrounding the hillsides is currently developed. The Harpeth River Corridor runs along the southern edge of the character area and does create environmental constraints along the boundary. Additionally, the river corridor’s tributaries and drainage area extends northward just east of North Chapel Road. Because of the floodplain boundary, this area would need to be protected and mitigated if adjacent development occurs. TRANSPORTATION/ACCESS Several roadway corridors extend through the Seward Hall area. Murfreesboro Road, a two lane corridor, bisects the character area and serves as a primary east-west route through the City. McEwen Drive and Liberty Pike, both serve as primary corridors to areas west of Interstate 65, but these corridors do not extend to the eastern boundary of the character area. McEwen Drive, transitions from a four lane divided corridor to a two lane rural cross section east of Cool Springs Boulevard. McEwen Drive provides quick access to Interstate 65 and to regional commerce and employment centers. The segment east of Cool Springs Boulevard has a scenic, rural character which contrasts the urban aesthetic found west of Cool Springs Boulevard. Liberty Pike connects Franklin Road, just north of the downtown core, to the eastern extent of the McKays Mill subdivision. Clovercroft Road also serves as a primary route for residents in Seward Hall. The two-lane roadway connects Murfreesboro Road, just east of Carothers Parkway to Wilson Pike. This corridor, while providing access to many residents, is in need of repairs and enhancements. In order to accommodate the ongoing development in the area, planned extensions of Liberty Pike and McEwen Drive, as well as improvements to Murfreesboro Road, are identified in the current transportation plan. Pedestrian and cycling facilities in the form of sidewalks, bike lanes, and multi-use paths are necessary to meet the needs of the increasing population. LAND USE AND GROWTH The character of this area is a combination of rural and suburban development. Over half of the area is developed with detached residential units. While many units are located within conventional subdivisions, there are numerous individual tracts of land throughout the area, particularly in the eastern portion of the area. Development pressure is increasing in this area, but lack of infrastructure is limiting the development. City sewer does not currently extend to all of Seward Hall. Development in areas east of the Watkins Creek Subdivision and south of Murfreesboro Road would require lengthy extensions of sewer and upgrades to county roads. In addition to residential development, a small commercial node currently exists in the McKay’s Mill subdivision at the intersection of Liberty Pike and Oxford Glen Drive. An additional area of mixed-use and commercial development is currently planned at the intersection of Cool Springs Boulevard and McEwen Drive. Numerous civic and institutional uses, including a municipal park, are also scattered throughout the area.