Envision Franklin

136 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Appendix APPENDIX B SOUTHALL DEMOGRAPHICS/ GENERAL INFORMATION The Southall Character Area straddles Carters Creek Pike to the southwest and Columbia Avenue south of downtown Franklin. The area is bound by the West Harpeth and Central Franklin Character Areas on the north, the Carnton Character Area on the east, the Goose Creek Character Area on the south, and western limits of the UGB on the west. ENVIRONMENTAL/ GEOLOGY/TOPOGRAPHY The Southall Character Area has rich natural resources including rolling terrain with significant areas constrained by steep slopes, hilltops, and significant mature tree cover that provides habitat for wildlife. These features should be preserved to the greatest extent possible to maintain the environmental quality and scenic views within the area. TRANSPORTATION/ACCESS Columbia Avenue is the primary corridor in the Southall area. The corridor transitions from a suburban to urban character as you move north through the character area. North of Mack Hatcher Boulevard, Columbia Avenue is interrupted by curb cuts, driveways, and smaller access roads. Since it is the primary corridor through the area, the numerous ingress and egress points cause congestion and traffic efficiency concerns. LAND USE AND GROWTH A concentration of development is found adjacent to Columbia Avenue south of Downs Boulevard. This area, primarily industrial uses and the existing rock quarry, represents nearly half of the region’s total industrial development. Some commercial and office space is also located in the area adjacent to Columbia Avenue. With the primary land use being industrial, the character of this area differs from other areas in the City. Commercial and office space is located in larger, warehouse-style buildings. Parts of Columbia Avenue are flanked by excessive signage which creates visual blight along the street. It is anticipated that many of the industrial uses will continue to exist in the long term. Future developments near these sites should respond to the impacts of these industrial uses. Aside from industrial uses, much of Southall is estate residential, particularly in the western portion of the area. The lack of sewer infrastructure in this part of the character area has limited the amount of new development in the area. Transportation infrastructure is also limited to portions of the area due to the topography. The existing scenic quality of the area is desired, and future development will need to protect these existing features. In addition to the large-lot residential homes, there is a small multi-family development located south of Century Court. Currently, the development provides over 100 units and plans to expand to the adjacent property to the east.