Envision Franklin

158 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Appendix Spencer Creek Basin (Mid-Term) ¯ 0 4 2 Miles SW1 SW4 SW2 SW3 Goose Creek Mayes Creek Spencer Creek West Central Franklin (Short) (Short) (Mid) (Mid) (Mid) (Long) (Long) (Long) Mack Hatcher Pkwy Goose Creek Bypass Murfreesboro Rd Wilson Pike McEwen Dr Murfreesboro Rd Columbia Ave Carter's Creek Pike Cool Springs Blvd Carothers Pkwy Lewisburg Pike HWY 96 W Hillsboro Rd I-840 I-65 Watson Branch GENERAL INFORMATION The Spencer Creek Basin is located in the northern portion of the city extending approximately from McEwen Drive on the south, Spencer Creek Road to the west, city limits to the north, and Cool Springs Boulevard on the east. The basin contains 5,927 total acres, most of which is builtout and within the city limits. Approximately 579 acres have not been annexed into the City and are considered developable. ANNEXATION CAPABILITY Spencer Creek Basin is predominantly builtout and within the city limits, almost the entirety of the acreage that exists within the UGB is developable acreage due to the large lot nature of the area and can be seen as a potential annexation area with mid-term capabilities. VISION Most of the acreage remaining in the UGB is along South Berry’s Chapel Road and new development should consist primarily of single-family residential uses and generally strive to maintain the prevailing rural character. The corner of Mack Hatcher Parkway and Franklin Road serves as a major gateway and particular attention should be paid to ensure new development is contextual at this location. TRANSPORTATION/ACCESS Most of the Spencer Creek Basin is already within the city limits, however there are many Connect Franklin projects to improve or realign roadways throughout the basin. These projects are generally all mid- to long-term projects within the Plan and thus do not need to be completed in order to serve the areas within the UGB with roadway infrastructure; however, they would improve service to the area. LAND USE AND GROWTH There are a wide variety of Future Land Uses within the basin, which includes a large portion of Regional Commerce for the Cool Springs area, as well as Multifamily Residential. The higher density of the land uses in the eastern portion of the basin are currently offset by the southern and western portions being dominated by Recreation, Neighborhood Green, and Large Lot Residential Future Land Uses. WATER/SEWER AVAILABILITY The Spencer Creek Basin is served predominantly by the Mallory Valley Water District. Any upgrades needed to properly service any new development will be determined during the development stage or at the appropriate time by the Mallory Valley Water District. Sewer infrastructure is currently available throughout the basin, and can be extended to serve future development within the City. Any upgrades or infrastructure needed to serve are currently unknown and will be determined during development approval. FIRE SERVICE The City of Franklin currently is able to serve this basin with emergency response with the existing fire stations; however due to the increased setbacks in this area, especially along Franklin Road, response time may be increased and hydrant availability may be limited. COST OF INVESTMENT NEEDED Minimal investment is needed to serve the area of Spencer Creek that currently is outside the city limits, a minor roadway realignment is within the City’s Capital Improvement Project for an area within the UGB; additionally, moderate investments are currently in the Capital Improvement Project for roadways that are currently already within the city limits, but improvements are needed. APPENDIX C: ANNEXATION ANALYSIS