Envision Franklin

Appendix | ENVISION FRANKLIN 159 Mayes Creek Basin (Mid-Term) ¯ 0 4 2 Miles SW1 SW4 SW2 SW3 Goose Creek Mayes Creek Spencer Creek West Central Franklin (Short) (Short) (Mid) (Mid) (Mid) (Long) (Long) (Long) Mack Hatcher Pkwy Goose Creek Bypass Murfreesboro Rd Wilson Pike McEwen Dr Murfreesboro Rd Columbia Ave Carter's Creek Pike Cool Springs Blvd Carothers Pkwy Lewisburg Pike HWY 96 W Hillsboro Rd I-840 I-65 Watson Branch GENERAL INFORMATION The Mayes Creek Basin covers a large area stretching east from the eastern edge of the city limits. Approximately half of the basin is outside of the City’s Urban Growth Boundary, with the other half residing in the UGB but outside of the city limits. The basin has 4,231 total acres within the City’s UGB, approximately 3,051 of which is considered developable. ANNEXATION CAPABILITY A very small amount of the basin is within the city limits and despite the size of this basin, previous county developments and growth complications severely limit the feasibility of the City annexing large portions of this basin and growing to the east. VISION The Mayes Creek Basin has potential for a small commercial node at the intersection of North Chapel Road and Murfreesboro Road. The completion of improvements to Murfreesboro Rd has increased the desire for high intensity development along the corridor with lower scale and lower intensity uses going away from it that helps preserve the rural character. TRANSPORTATION/ACCESS The current roadway network in the basin is limited in capacity and connectivity and major roadway improvements would be necessary to support the overall buildout of the basin. With the approval of Poplar Farms, the extension of Market Street will help improve connectivity and the improvements to Murfreesboro Road will help support development along the corridor. Extensive infrastructure investments are listed within Connect Franklin for the Mayes Creek Basin inside city limits, with an additional eight projects located outside the city limits, but within the UGB, including a the realignment and extension of Wilson Pike, additional construction of multiple sections of North Chapel Road, and the extension of Pate Road. These roadway projects are imperative for connectivity to any future development to provide access for emergency service response times, and any new residents in the area; without these projects being completed, any additional density away from Murfreesboro Road would likely not be appropriate. LAND USE AND GROWTH Most of the Mayes Creek Basin falls within the Development Reserve Design Concept as the basin moves east away from the city limits. There is a small Neighborhood Commercial node at the corner of North Chapel Road and Murfreesboro Road, and Recreation at the Trinity Elementary School, Trinity Park, and Fly Park. The Single-Family Residential Design Concept enters the west side of the basin near the city limits. Growth in this basin will likely be limited due to existing county subdivisions throughout the area. Additionally, the eastern half of the basin is not within the City’s Urban Growth Boundary. WATER/SEWER AVAILABILITY Currently, there is no sewer service for properties outside the city limits. Due to the length at which sewer would need to be extended to service any new developments, it may be cost prohibitive depending on the location and density of development. The Mayes Creek Basin is served by the Milcrofton Utility District. A new water storage tank will be constructed by 2025 to help provide adequate water supply and flow to the area. All water service lines in the area will be development driven. Any upgrades needed to properly service new development will be determined during the development stage, or at the appropriate time as determined by Milcrofton Utility District. APPENDIX C: ANNEXATION ANALYSIS