Envision Franklin

Vision & Guiding Principles | ENVISION FRANKLIN 19 A. Scenic viewsheds and vistas should be preserved as amenities. These scenic resources include rolling hills, rural landscapes, Century Farms, rural corridors, floodplain, and forested areas. B. Every opportunity should be taken to expand the public space along the Harpeth River, tributaries and streams through community open spaces, trails, viewing points, and canoe accesses. C. The Harpeth River and its tributaries should be protected through significant riparian buffers. Streambank restoration is encouraged to provide wildlife habitat, slow stormwater runoff, improve air quality, reduce soil erosion, and reduce flooding. D. Development should be restricted on hilltops, hillsides, and steep slopes. Mass grading is discouraged, and site disturbance should be minimized so that natural topography and landforms are incorporated into site design. E. Established forested areas, existing tree canopies, specimen trees, and riparian buffers help to absorb air pollution, reduce glare, heat, and noise, and enhance the quality of life through health and recreational benefits. These resources should be preserved through careful site design. Clear cutting is discouraged. NATURAL BEAUTY FRANKLIN’S NATURAL FEATURES ARE IRREPLACEABLE ASSETS OF GREAT VALUE, AND THEY WILL BE PROTECTEDWITH PLANNING AND CONSERVATION TOOLS AND CELEBRATED THROUGH CAREFUL SITE DESIGN.