Envision Franklin

18 ENVISION FRANKLIN | Vision & Guiding Principles A. The preservation of historic resources is of paramount importance to protecting Franklin’s heritage and cultural identity. Historic resources and cultural amenities, including structures, neighborhoods, districts, landmarks, landscapes, cemeteries, streetscapes, and archaeological sites, should be identified, preserved, and protected. Preservation of these buildings and resources is environmentally responsible, further develops an economy for heritage tourism, creates jobs, and boosts property values. B. The scale and character of historic neighborhoods must be protected through context-sensitive infill development. New buildings should relate to and strengthen the core characteristics of the neighborhood while mitigating adverse impacts on adjacent properties through thoughtful site design. C. The preservation and rehabilitation of structures is generally encouraged, favoring building additions or adaptive re-use over demolition and replacement in historic areas. D. Historic estates contribute greatly to Franklin’s community character. The integrity of these historic properties, with their distinctive homes, outbuildings, and general aspects of their settings, should be preserved. Large front yards reinforce the prominence of these estates and should be preserved to respect their viewsheds. HISTORIC PRESERVATION HISTORIC FRANKLIN IS THE CHERISHED CENTER OF THE CITY AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE PROTECTED USING HISTORIC PRESERVATION TOOLS AND ENHANCED THROUGH TRADITIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND CONTEXTUAL ARCHITECTURE.